Useful (or not) OS X (10.3) Stuff

(Note: I'm now running 10.4, but I haven't had time to update this page. I'll add a few notes now. The main thing to watch out for is that many of the Fink packages I used in 10.3 have not (as of July 2005) been updated for 10.4 and/or Xcode 2.1, so if you rely on a lot of fink packages you may want to wait.)

First, my biases: Windows is good for games and little else. All the real work I've done in the last dozen or so years has been in some version of UNIX or Linux, so I thought it was rather decent of Apple to come up with a nice user friendly and easy to use UNIX that could even run those evil MS Office apps if I were ever forced to (occasionally it happens). I don't mind mucking about with Linux for my desktop/rackmount machines, but my laptop goes everywhere, and I want it to just work. (If you've ever traveled a lot with a Linux laptop, well, you know it's a high maintenence setup.) So in December of 2003 I got a 12" G4 iBook with OS 10.3.

What follows are links and scripts that I've found useful (or at least amusing) on my iBook. This is all for 10.3, if you are using something earlier YMMV.

Useful stuff:

Other stuff: Other useful pages:

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