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SDSS 0.5m PT r-band image of the afterglow of GRB030329. The green circle is approximately 0.5 arcmin. Click on the image for a larger (13 by 26 arcmin) image, with 1 and 10 arcmin bars along the side of the image. North is up, east is to the left.

B. C. Lee, D. Q. Lamb, D. L. Tucker and S. Kent on behalf of the SDSS
GRB team, report:

The optical transient associated with GRB 030329 (Peterson and Price,
GCN 1985; K. Torii, GCN 1986) was observed with the SDSS 0.5m
"Photometric Telescope" (PT) at two epochs, starting March 31.181 UT
and April 01.153 UT.  The preliminary r-band magnitude at March 31.181
UT was observed to be 16.60 +/- 0.02, and the u g r i z data on that
date is well fit by a flux power law of approximately nu^-0.94, or
nu^-0.85 if a reddening of E(B-V)=0.025 is applied (Bloom, GCN 2011 and
Schlegel et al. 1998).  The April 01 UT images are still being

Our ugriz photmetric catalog of other objects in the field will be 
made available upon request; please email or visit the 
follwing web page:

This message may be cited.

At the moment I can supply the preliminary April 1 ugriz catalog, that night appears to have been more photometric. (We're slightly unhappy with the calibration of the data from the night before, that may be released later.) Please email me at if you want a copy -- the SDSS has allowed me to distribute our PT data as long as I keep track of who I've distributed it to!

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