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Some frequently asked questions about Brian:

How do I get ahold of Brian?

Please note that as a result of this address being on this web page for over a decade, Brian gets a lot of email at this address, most of it junk mail. So he might take a while to reply, or if his spam filter was careless there's a chance he won't see your email. He would like to apologize in advance if he does not respond promptly.

What does Brian do?

Much of the time Brian sits at a desk and stares at a computer like everyone else these days. Much of what he stares at these days are electron beam simulations and various biological/neurological samples on the atomic scale taken with cameras he's building for transmission electron microscopes. This is a change of pace from what he used to stare at, which included galaxies and things (mostly stars) that explode, like supernovae and gamma ray bursts. (Well, that and a lot of code. Mostly code.) Brian worked as an astrophysicist at LBL on supernova cosmology. Before that he was working with the Experimental Astrophysics Group at Fermilab on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey which is a project to produce a 3D map of a very large chunk of the universe by taking pictures of and getting distances (redshifts) for the largest sample of galaxies ever. Of course, in doing this, a lot of interesting things pop up, like the most distant quasars ever seen, entirely new kinds of stars, and lots of those really great pictures of galaxies.

More . . . (why would you want to know more?)

And here's Brian's list of publications.

Why is Brian in California / New Mexico / Chicago / anywhere but Ann Arbor?

Examine the following:

Click for Ann Arbor, Michigan Forecast Click for Fremont, California Forecast

If that doesn't answer your question, how about this.

What about Brian's other web pages?

After Brian got his iBook, he added a page of potentially useful information for people with Apple OS X (well, 10.3 at least) machines, especialy if those people are used to Linux.

Brian also has a few other pages, although he rarely updates them anymore. You can click HERE to see his page on North American Rock Art, which primarily concerns archaic Native American styles (especially Barrier Canyon style) and for the most part contains photos Brian, his wife, and his brother have taken, along with a few links, but very little text so far. Brian's rats page remains surprisingly popular, even though he has not more than superficially updated most of it since sometime in 1996. He did recently sort of update his people page, in that he at least marked the links that no longer work and added a few new ones.

Brian eliminated direct links to some other pages, such as BCLee's Lunch Hour distraction (also known as BCLee's somewhat less useful page) mostly because these pages have not been updated since sometime in 1995, and thus the many many links to other sites usually don't work, and the text is no longer terribly relevant. (Thus the "somewhat less useful" title.) Brian has however left a link to one of his more popular ancient (June 1995) pages, Random Destructive Acts via Focused Solar Radiation, since it is a story with an important moral.

What did Brian or Amy take a picture of today?

When Brian and Amy purchased their now defunct laptop it came with a free digital camera. Occasionally (ok, rarely) Brian posted a picture or two here that they recently took with it or some other camera (recently now being defined as at some point within the last decadi or so, and now even that definition is in danger of becoming obsolete).

The free digital camera was later used as one generation of Giant Sequoia Cam.

These days Brian and Amy tend to use their Flickr pages to post photos, since Flickr makes this sort of thing much easier.

What does Brian look like?

Something like that, usually (but not always) somewhat more upright and less blurred.

Why is Brian's web page written in third person?

Brian asked this very same question.

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