Why is Brian in California / New Mexico / Chicago / anywhere but Ann Arbor?

Examine the following:

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If that doesn't answer your question, how about this. In the past dozen years Brian has moved an average of about once a year. He hadn't moved in almost 3 years and was falling behind, thus his move back to California. Someday Brian hopes to let this average drop somewhat.

Why with the moving? In his grad student days, Brian toured the country. The real physical ROTSE instruments are currently located at Los Alamos National Lab in Los Alamos, New Mexico, along with a few alien artifacts. If these links still work, you can read about some proposed ROTSE sites (TA-33 and TA-49) and the current ROTSE site (TA-53) here and here.

The ROTSE instrument was constructed at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and the previous experiment, GROCSE, also took place at LLNL. So while working on his dissertation, Brian was in California and/or New Mexico working with collaborators until things were functioning well enough that they let him go home to Ann Arbor to work on the analysis and write his dissertation. Once he finished that he took a post-doc with the SDSS and Fermilab, and then a post-doc with the Supernova Cosmology Project at LBL.

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