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Updated June 19, 2000

Yes, there is a world outside the web, and there are other support groups for those of us crazy enough to keep vermin as pets. Here are a few I'd recommend -- I'm a participant in or member of each of these. Note that much of this information may be out of date.

Rats (e)Mailing List

Whether you just got your first rat or you make me look like an amateur, this is THE place for any rat owner to go for instant rat advice and constant rat tales. You subscribe, then send email to the server, and it gets distributed to everyone on the list. As someone said, sort of like a news group without a home. You can get the list one message at a time, or in the (personally recommended) digest format, where a bunch of messages are lumped together into one -- a little slower, but it doesn't fill your mailbox -- so you only get about one big email message every day (but all the same info.)

The rats list has had many incarnations, but in all of the ones in recent history it's been run by James Kittock, james@animal-farm.sf.ca.us -- if you have any trouble, email him. As of the time I updated this page, the list was at egroups.com, but by the time you read this, who knows . . .

There are other rat lists on egroups as well, including some regional lists like Michrats. Do a search on rats and see what you find!

Usenet Groups rec.pets and alt.pets.rodents

The newsgroup rec.pets used to be a big hangout for rat owners and gurus, but in recent times there are a lot of other pet owners there as well. If you can get it, alt.pets.rodents is more focused. You will have to ask your local system people how to get to usenet groups.

The Rat Report

A monthly publication (as in a real physical thing printed on paper!) of the Rat Fan Club. Debbie Ducommun, who runs the for profit club, has also written two books which I highly recommend for any rat owner! See the web page for details.

You can send a SASE for a free introductory issue! Contact Debbie "The Rat Lady" Ducommun at ratlady@sunset.net for more info, or write snail mail to:

Rat Fan Club
857 Lindo Lane
Chico, CA 95926

Or see the rat fan club on the web at its new URL: http://www.ratfanclub.org/

RMCA's Rat & Mouse Gazette

Another real paper and ink publication, this time by the Rat and Mouse Club of America. Yery nice looking, color cover, lots of good info and great photography. Six issues a year. For more info visit the web site or send email to RMGazette@aol.com.

On the web at: http://www.rmca.org/


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