Buckhorn Wash

These are all from a single large panel in Buckhorn Wash. The first two are overviews I took with a disposable wide angle camera -- the pictures are VERY low quality because it's a not only a disposable camera but I lost it for three years before I developed it, so the film is pretty cloudy. The point is to give you a sense of scale and context -- even though you can't see them, there are figures across the entire width of the first image (and I think slightly beyond the right side as well).

UPDATE: a new panorama composite from digital camera pictures. (Scroll right unless your display is over 1200 pixels wide!) Sorry for the odd colors. Click on it to get the full size (warning HUGE even compared to other huge images on this site!) 6205x971 pixel image.

Image © Brian Lee

Amy's detail of one sub panel

(More soon!)

The remaining four are details Dave took of various figures with various filters, ordered from left to right across the panel.

Buckhorn Wash  Buckhorn Wash Buckhorn Wash  Buckhorn Wash
Images © Dave Lee

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