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These are links to other pages which existed at some point in the distant past and may have been of interest to anyone who found themselves on this page. Most of the links you see here now were originally complied in 1995-1996. It's possible that some of these pages still exist, although many or most don't, or if they do, they have moved. If any of them look interesting to you but the link is dead, try typing the name into Google. I should update this, but I have no idea when I actually will.

ROCK ART WEB SITES : Archaic North American

These pages contain at least some information and/or images of something possibly related to archaic North American (or at least BCS) rock art styles.


By no means a complete list.

ROCK ART WEB SITES : Other North American

These pages have (had?) images and/or information about North American rock art and archaeology. I have not done a complete update of these links since 1998, I've only moved the dead links to the dead links list, so many of these links do not work. Other than a few favorites I may delete this list soon. No offense intended to those of you about to be deleted, but there are better lists than mine, and I'm barely keeping up with just the pages about BCS and related sites.

ROCK ART WEB SITES : Pages with Good Lists

Much more extensive lists than this one.

ROCK ART WEB SITES : Dead Links I'll delete soon.

If a link is here, it's because it was unreachable the last few times I tried. If it has moved and you know where it is now, let me know.


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