Sego Canyon

This is one of may panels in Sego Canyon, Grand County, Utah. Several styles, including Barrier Canyon (this panel and others), Fremont, and Historic Ute are represented in this canyon, with many of the best panels concentrated within 100 yards of the one pictured here.

This panel was heavily damaged by vandalizm, and at the time of these photos a resoration effort was just being completed.

The images below are scanned from prints, and are in GIF (as in 8-bit color) format -- hardly the ideal way to go about such things! I recently returned to Sego canyon to take more photos, and I'll have these scanned directy from the slides, and possibly replace some or all the images seen here. (With jpegs even!)

Click on the small images below for closer photos

Left Panel Detail or Middle Panel Detail or Right Panel Detail


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