San Rafael Swell Site 4

This is really not a great picture of this site. Like a number of BCS sites it's high on a canyon wall and not all that easily accessible, and to make matters worse my film was underexposed, so this is the best I have -- a shot from the canyon floor through a telephoto lens.

Click on the image to get a higher resolution image.

Do yourself a favor and go look at Doak Heyser's pictures of this panel on his Rock Art Gallery page. This is a wonderful panel, something you can only guess at from my pictures.

Unlike most BCS panels I know of (I can only think on one other I've visited at the moment) this panel is in a shallow cave. It's still reasonably obvious from the canyon floor, but not exactly the billboard style of many panels. Being in a cave does not help the photo, the panel was in the shade while the rocks in the foreground were in full sun, so this took a lot of careful scanning and photoshop processing, and it shows. The image still looks a bit funny, in particular there's a lot of scattered light from the bright rocks along the bottom of the dark area. (I'm not sure if it was scattered in my lens or in the film scanner.)


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